about our practice
Dr. Yuhas specializes in Internal Medicine. Dr. Furlong was specialty trained in Family Practice. Our Nurse Practitioners have focused their studies in Women's health.
Practice Services
At NWPC we can perform many ultrasound studies right in the office with a separate appointment. We are also able to provide a variety of stress tests with additional studies such as echocardiograms. Dr. Yuhas also performs EGD's and colonoscopies at Fremont Memorial Hospital. All of our providers are able to perform minor surgical procedures in the office.
Teaching Affiliations
Our facility periodically serves as a rotation spot for students from the following colleges: You may be given the oppurtunity to help a future medical practitioner learn the art of medicine. When there is a student rotating with your provider, you are always given the choice of the students participation.
For Medical Students, Interns, and Residents