Easy ways to control your Sodium and help control your blood pressure
Your daily Sodium limit is 2,500 mgYour goal blood pressure is 130/80 mmHg
Keeping your diet low in sodium can help lower your blood pressure naturally, and it can help make some blood pressure medications work better.

Salt added to food in cooking or ar the table accounts for one third of all the sodium we eat. Throwing away your salt shaker can make a big difference .

Even if you have a "salt-tooth", you can learn to prefer low-sodium food just by eating it. Within 2 months, your tastes should adjust, and you won't miss the salt.

Low-sodium foods taste delicious! Removing salt can bring out flavors that may have been hidden by the salt - try an unsalted peanut and see for yourself.

Experiment with delicious salt-free seasonings. For example, lemon juice can be used almost anywhere you'd normally sprinkle salt. Other good substitutes include:

garlicdry mustardoregano

A word of caution about using salt substitiutes. Many brands of salt substitutes contain potassium instead of sodium, and potassiuim can interact with some blood pressure medications. Consult your doctor before using potassium-containing salt substitutes.
Foods to Enjoy!
  • Foods made from scratch. "When you make it yourself, you control the amount of added salt".
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables, which are naturally low in sodium.
  • Foods that are labeled "low in sodium". However, read labels carefully. "Reduced sodium" means the product contains 75% less than its usual sodium levels - but doesn't mean much if the original level was high. Lood for: "Sodium free" ( less than 5 mg per serving) , "very low sodium" ( less than 35 mg per serving), and "low sodium" (less than 140 mg per serving).
Foods to Limit or Avoid
  • Canned, preserved or other processed foods, which often contain salt. In fact, one third of the sodium we eat is added during processing.
  • Some "diet" foods. Read labels carefully; many diet foods contain added salt to boost flavor.
Sodium Content of Foods We Frequently Eat
Breakfast FoodsSodium(mg)Sodium(mg)
Fried Egg, 1 large162Doughnut, plain139
Two-egg omelet, ham/cheese598French toast(2)514
Bacon, pork(2 strips)202Pancakes(2)320
Link sausages,(2)336Corn muffin192
Cornflakes 1 cup with milk361Bran muffin168
Oatmeal, cooked1Fruit yogurt, 1 cup133
Bagel with cream cheese283Grapefruit half0
Toast, wheat153Orange juice, 1 cup2
Hash browns( 1 cup)54Tomato juice, 1 cup882
Coffee cake, 1 piece310Coffee, brrewed, 1 cup8
Danish pastry, plain249Tea, brewed, 1 cup8

Sodium Content of Foods We Frequently Eat
Lunch FoodsSodium(mg)Sodium(mg)
Ham and Cheese Sandwich772Chicken Noodle Soup, 1 cup36
Roast Beef Sandwhich792Vegetable Beef Soup, 1 cup957
Tuna Salad434Vegetable Soup, 1 cup38
Cottage Cheese, 1 cup918Tomato, whole10
Fruit Salad, 1 cup9Dill Pickle, medium928
Chef Salad, Ham/Cheese1134Potato chips (14)131
Green Tossed Salad53Corn chips (1 oz)164
Hamburger, fast food500Coleslaw, 1/2 cup16
Cheeseburger, fast food750Potato salad ( 1 cup)1323
Cheese pizza, 1 slice261French fries (20 unsalted)30
Hot dog on bun671Cola, 12 oz12
Chicken noodle soup, cup1107Diet Cola, 12 oz24

Sodium Content of Foods We Frequently Eat
Dinner FoodsSodium(mg)Sodium(mg)
Roast Turkey Breast, no skin, 1 cup89Beef or Pork Chop Suey, 1 cup1052
Broiled Sirloin Steak, 4 oz74Macaroni and Cheeze, 1 cup1089
Fried Chicken Breast385Rice, cooked4
Roast Chicken Breast138Potato, boiled7
Broiled codfish, 1 fillet141Dinner roll144
Broiled Pork Chop49Broccoli, raw or steamed16
Spaghetti and tomato/meat sauce1009Peas and carrots, frozen110
Fettuccine Alfredo1195Green beans, frozen17
Chili con carne, 1 cup1354Red wine, 4 oz76
Beef burrito, fast food746White wine, 4 oz72
Chicken chow mein, 1 cup717Beer, 12 oz24
Light beer, 12 oz12

Sodium Content of Foods We Frequently Eat
Brownie with nuts50Orange sherbet, 1/2 cup44
Angel food cake142Hot Fudge Sundae, 2 scoops190
Cheesecake, 1 slice189Apple pie, 1 slice207
Devils food cake with icing180Lemon meringue pie223
Yellow cake with icing191Chocolate pudding, 1 cup335
Pound cake, 1 slice58Rice pudding with raisins188
Chocolate chip cookie (2)76Fresh strawberries, 1 cup2
Oatmeal raisin cookie (2)74Fresh pineapple, 1 cup1
Vanilla ice cream, 1 cup58Banana1

Sodium Content of Foods We Frequently Eat
Mustard, 1 tbsp195Mushroom gravy, 1/4 cup36
Catsup, 1 tbsp156Hollandaise sauce, 1/4 cup284
Mayonnaise, 1 tbsp104Barbecue sauce, 1/4 cup508
Italian dressing116Pancake syrup, 2 tbsp70
Thousand island dressing, 1 tbsp109Parmesan cheese, 1 tbsp116
Thousand island dressing, low cal, 1 tbsp153Soy sauce, 1 tbsp1029
White sauce, 1/4 cup199Worcestershire sauce, 1 tbsp147
Brown gravy, 1/4 cup31Butter, regular, 1 pat41
Butter, unsalted, 1 pat1Margarine, 1 pat47
Cream cheese, 1 tbsp85