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Northwest Primary Care
455 W McPherson Hwy
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Northwest Primary Care and Athena Health Network
Northwest Primary Care has partnered with Athena Health Network starting this July. We will be utilizing a new Electronic Medical Record system that will allow you, the patient, to view your labs, x-ray reports, and other health information online through a HIPAA secure portal. It will also allow us to contact you via secure E-mail or text, as well as with the traditional phone contact. The new system will allow you to schdule your own appointments online, and we will now have operators able to schedule or answer billing questions available after hours. Check out the AthenaNet Patient Portal .
New Practitioner
We welcome Briana Rauch, C.N.P. to the panel of practitioners at Northwest Primary Care. Brianna has a experience as nurse in the Neuro ICU in Toledo, as well as at Firelands Regional Medical Center. She also worked as a hospitalist with Drs. Yuhas and Brown at Memorial Hospital. She has particular interest in women's health. She is now scheduling and seeing patients.
Having your blood drawn?
There is no limit to the amount of water, black coffee or plain tea that you can drink prior to the blood draw. In fact, we encourage you to drink prior to your visit, since this makes having your blood drawn much easier. If you need to be fasting for the test, then you should not eat for 6 hours before the blood is taken.
Instant Lab Result!
We recently expanded our lab facilities, and are able to run and report your lab results in as little a 5 minutes with our new lab equipment. We are still able to run standard chemistry and cholesterol testing, but now are performing specialty tests such as vitamin levels, as well as HgbA1c, thyroid tests, and prostate cancer tests. Using your blood draw, we are able to run complete test panels within 12 minutes. If you arrive to the office for an appointment ready to have your blood drawn, we should be able to give you your results before you leave.
Are You Disposing of Your Syringes Properly?
A new public education program by the Ottawa-Sandusky-Seneca Solid Waste District is designed to educate residents about the danger of improper disposal of needles used by diabetics and others who use needles for medical reasons. Please follow these guidelines: Never place an exposed needle in your trash bag where a garbage person may get stuck. Use a Sharp's container to dispose of your syringes. These containers are available at some pharmacies and medical supply stores. If you do not have a Sharp's container use a wide mouth heavy plastic cotainer with a tight lid such as a detergent or fabric softner container. When the container is two-thirds to three-fourths full, tightly close the container and seal the container with masking or heavy adhesive tape. For more information call 410-334- 7222 or toll free 1-888-850-7224.
Diabetic Class
-Tuesday, July 21, 6:00PM
 daily reason not to smoke
When you quit smoking, you help prevent your children from smoking.
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